About Hope Academy


Mission Statement

The mission of Hope Academy is to provide a positive, nurturing, and collaborative educational environment where we ensure the intellectual, social, and physical development of every student.


Educational Beliefs

High Expectations produce achievement. Learning occurs best when each student is active in a positive, academically challenging environment. All children have value and are able to learn with appropriate support. Learning is maximized through the development of self-worth and pride and achievement. Self-disciplined students are productive students. A successful teacher motivates, encourages, and values the worth of every student. Instruction should motivate, encourage curiosity, develop interests, and foster a positive attitude learning Goals and expectations need to be clear and consistent for staff and students. The school environment should be caring, comfortable, and safe. The school improvement occurs when the faculty, parents, and community are committed to quality education



Kent County Collaborative Core Curriculum (KC4) is a teacher-created, standard-based mastery curriculum developed to make the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE’s), and benchmarks of the Michigan Curriculum Framework (MCF) meaningful and useable for all instructional staff. Our curriculum covers the core competencies of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Also included are physical education, health, art, music and technology. The Common Core State Standards, GLCE’s and the Michigan Curriculum Framework are the resources implemented to prepare our students for College & Career Readiness


Dr. Ronald Williams, Superintendent

Patricia Davis, Principal

Lead Teachers

Shawta Polk (K-3rd)

Sonya Brown (4th-5th)

Rhonda Calloway (6th-8th)

Board of Directors

Angela Polk, President

Vera Hurt, Vice President

Chedrin Chambers, Secretary

Kenneth Davis, Treasurer

Mario Beasley

Leatrice Eagleson

Hope Academy Location

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