Policy & Procedures

Attendance Policy

Students are encouraged to maintain a record of perfect attendance in order to gain the maximum learning. If your child is unable to attend school on a given day, we require the parent/guardian to notify the office at (313) 934-0054 by 8:00 a.m. and/or provide a parent note upon the student's return.

Excused absences are absences accompanied with a phone call and parental note upon student's return.

Unexcused absences are absences with no phone call from parent/guardian and no parent note provided upon the student's return.

Excessive absences are (10 or more each semester) absences may affect grades and passing.

Tardy Policy

Students who arrive after 10:00 a.m. must sign in with a parent on the attendance sheet located in the main office. The student will receive a pass to present to their teacher for classroom acceptance. Perfect attendance certificates will not be given to students with excessive lateness. Student with three unexcused late arrivals will not be considered for the certificate.

Uniform Policy

We are requiring all students to be in proper uniform daily.

Elementary School
The girls are required to wear pink or white blouses with a collar and buttons, they have a choice to wear plaid or maroon skirts, skorts, or pants. The boys are required to wear white, maroon, or pink shirts with a collar and buttons, maroon or plaid ties, and gray or black pants. All students must wear street shoes or black gym shoes.

Middle School
Boys wear: Khaki or navy slacks, light blue or yellow button down shirts or polo shirts, brown, blue, or navy blue jackets zippered jackets can also be worn. 
Girls wear: Khaki or navy blue skirts, slacks, light blue or yellow button down blouse, or polo shirt, brown, blue, or navy blue jackets zippered jackets can also be worn.

Homework Policy

Definition: Homework is an assignment that is given to a student to be completed outside of the classroom.

Homework will not consist of textbook assignments alone. A variety of worthwhile activities will be used such as: reading, visiting and reporting places of interest in the community, keeping records of weather conditions, etc.

Each teacher will determine the content of the homework based on the grade level, student ability, and teacher expectations. Evaluation and follow-up activities will be immediate.

Locker Procedures

Each student has an assigned locker for storage of coats, books and personal belongings, etc. All lockers are property of the school; therefore, they are accessible to the school for search or examination when necessary. Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 are required to have a combination lock on their locker. Students are required to give their homeroom teacher their combination. Padlocks with keys are not acceptable.

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